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The Taking of American Privateers - 1813 - 1814

9th February,  1813 - HMS Superb takes the American  privateer Star 


15th April, 1813 HMS Superb with HMS Pyramus capture the American Privateer Viper 


25th April, 1813 Order from Sir Thomas Hardy, 'Ramillies,' to Midshipman Hotham to take American brig 'Cornelia' into Bermuda as a prize.


2nd May, 1814  Commerce (545), brig, 195 tons, James Ives, master, 

Liverpool to Halifax, recaptured by Superb. Cargo : dry goods, hardware and cordage. 


13th May, 1814  US Privateer Catalina (497), brig, 160 tons, J. F. Cerrero, master, St. Domingo to New Bedford, captured by HMS Superb. Cargo : 245 hhds. molasses and 600 hides 


19th May, 1814  takes the Privateer Candelaria (518), a sloop, 92½tons,  US Privateer Havannah to Boston, captured by Superb. Cargo: 12 half boxes sugar, 125 casks and 14 q r casks molasses.. 


1814 Defiance (573), sloop, E. Sterling, master, captured 

, , by HMS Superb and HMS Sylph


June — , 1814 (589) Sundry articles taken out of an American schooner called the Night Hawk and brought to Halifax in the Maidstone, captured, near New London by HMS Superb, Maidstone and Sylph. Cargo : 38 bbls. tar, 4 bbls. turpentine, 8 bbls. & 1 box salts, 1 cask cotton, 6 bbls. & 4 kegs oil and 1 hhd. oil. 


13th July, 1814 Ranger, schooner., 33 tons, Dan 1 Covell, master, New York to Providence, captured by Superb. Cargo : flour. 


24th Nov.,1814  by HMS Superb (673), brigate, 120 tons, W 1 " C. Anderson, master, Charlestown to Philadelphia, recaptured, by Spencer. Cargo : rice. 




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