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Objects of The Association

The objects are to renew old friendships, help to find old shipmates for past crew members,and if possible to

provide information to their relatives.

A reunion is held every year details on this web site



The Association was formed in 1998 by 2 members of the Engine Room branch,.


The Association is open to all ratings, officers and other members of the Armed Forces from any commission.


The first re-Union was held in Chatham in September 1998 at the King Charles Hotel, Gillingham,ex matelots will remember this as the NAAFI Club (half a crown a night the last time I stayed there).


The organisation is quite informal, and is run by Brian Saunders (1954 - 55 Cruise) with views discussed by members at the AGM.


We estimate that there are about 5000 potential members, so there must be a lot of you out there who haven't been in contact yet.


The current list of members ranges from the 1950 to 1957 with most Branches represented.


We would like to see some more Electrical Branch from 52/53, A&WI cruise.


Where are you Graham Langford (Northants), Neil Henderson (Sheffield), Debussy (Norfolk), Smudger(St Ives), Ginger (we walked the plank in Quebec), Peter (bloaters are best), Effy (Thetford), Geordie (Whitley bay) etc. etc. You could help get more members by writing to me  (Brian) with the name and address of your local paper so I can hope to get a letter or article included, or better still do it yourself.


If you want to join the Association, e-mail me, Brian Saunders or to save time ,print out the form complete it and send with the subscription to the address shown on the form.  

Even if you don't want to join it would be nice to know

you are still out there.

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