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Précis of activities of the 8th Superb 1946

Anchor 18

Ship's cruise after commissioning 1943


31 October,1943                 Superb Launched at Wallsend-on-Tyne

16 November, 1945             Commissioned

August 1957                        De-commissioned

8 August 1960                     Scrapped                            


Mediterranean Cruise 1946


Captain W. Geoffrey A. ROBSON 


Chatham    No date


21st January      arrived Gibraltar for the 15th Cruiser Squadron, Mediterranean Fleet.


February   Malta


17 - 21 March returned to the U.K. to embark Princess Elizabeth.  Took her to Belfast to launch HMS Eagle then returned to Greenock


4 May        Venice


15th May in company with HMS Orion was fired on by Albanian shore batteries in the Corfu Channel.


May           Trieste


25 May      Malta


June          Haifa


25 June     Malta




September Chatham in 10th Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet


October - November Fleet Exercises in Home Waters

November Antwerp


December Chatham


N.B. Some of these dates are verified by contemporaneous photographs

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