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Prior to 1943

Send us your photos and we'll publish them


Top Photo - HMS Superb, the battleship of the Grand Fleet, at Scapa Flow.


Lower Photo - HMS Superb in heavy seas


Thanks to the Imperial War Museum for publishing these on line

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This photograph was posted on our Facebook page by Denise Law, whose grandfather, George High sent it from the battleship Superb.  We are hoping that Denise replies to our request for more information on George.

Battle of Jutland Veteran

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The Battle of Jutland - 100 years ago on 31 MAY, 1916


Although the preliminaries to the Battle of Jutland commenced on 28th June, 1916 the British fleet had been strategically positioned in the waters of the North Sea off the coast of Norway and amongst which was the Superb.


Admiral Jellicoe's Grand Fleet was split into two sections. The dreadnought Battle Fleet with which he sailed formed the main force and was composed of 24 battleships and three battlecruisers.


The battleships were formed into four squadrons of eight ships, further subdivided into divisions of four, each led by a flag officer.


 HMS Superb, dreadnaught type, was one of them in the fourth battle squadron, sailing under the flag of Rear-Admiral Alexander Ludovic Duff


Accompanying them were eight armoured cruisers, eight light cruisers, four scout cruisers, 51 destroyers, and one destroyer-minelayer.


Remember those sailors who were part of the battle including HMS Superb veterans mentioned below.  For family members and researchers more details of some can be found at the Imperial War Museum site


ABEL              John William  E.R.A. 4th Class

AINGER         Lennox Percy Royal Marine Private

AKERS           Samuel                        Stoker 1st Class

ALDERTON   Henry                          Leading Seaman

ALLEN           Job      Bandsman R.M.

BATH             William James           Able Seaman

BAXTER        Richard Henry Pike    Sick Berth Attendant

BOLAM          Thomas                       Engine Room Artificer 5th Class

BOORMAN    Alfred Reginald          Electrical Artificer 3rd Class

BRISTOW      Alfred Charles            Leading Carpenter

BURNETT      William Henry           Able Seaman

BUTLER         George            Leading Seaman

CHATFIELD  James Keith    Whettern         E.R.A. 4th Class

COLES            Harry Edward Able Seaman

COYNE           Charles James             Unknown

CURRY           Not known      Lieutenant

EVANS           John                E.R.A. 4th Class

GAY    Frank Reginald Clifford         Sick Berth Attendant

HALL  Michael                       Lieutenant Gunner

HARRINGTON          Daniel             Petty Officer

HAYWARD    Bertram Howard         E.R.A. 3rd Class

HENMAN       Alfred Crompton        Able Seaman

HYDE PARKER     Edmund          Captain

HUNT             Albert Marsh  Officer's Cook 2nd Class

JAMES           John    Sub Lieutenant

JEFFRIES       William George          Stoker Petty Officer

MANDLEY    Raymond        Midshipman

MILLER         Percy               Stoker 1st Class

MORRIS         Joseph William          Stoker 1st Class

NASH             Victor Frank               E.R.A. 5th Class

PALMER        Percival William        E.R.A. 3rd Class

PATFIELD      Harry Frederick          Stoker 1st Class

PAUL  Not known      Sub Lieutenant

PAYNE           John Suede                  E.R.A. 3rd Class

PLUMRIDGE   George John V.         E.R.A. 4th Class

ROBERTS      Frank               Stoker 1st Class

SAINSBURY  Geoffrey H.     Midshipman

SHEARER      Frederick        Ordinary & Able Seaman      

SHEATH         Arthur Lionel  Leading Seaman        

SMITH            George William          Able Seaman

SPARKS   Robert George                  Unknown

STEVENS       Charles Vickers          Midshipman

STREET          Edward                        Stoker 1st Class

THOMAS       George                        Electrical Artificer 3rd Class

TILLETT        Mark               Sick Berth Attendant 2 Class

WHEELER     George            Petty Officer Stoker

WILLIAMS    Leonard James            Leading Seaman

WILTSHIRE   Frank Ernest   Unknown

WOOLHOUSE           Frank Andrew M.       Able Seaman

YATES           Walter             Stoker 1st Class


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Charles served as a Midshipman on board the Superb from 6th September, 1915 until 18th February, 1918 and therefore was present during the Battle of Jutland.   More details can be seen on the Imperial War Museum site who kindly posted these photos on line. To go to the site please click on the button.

Battle of Jutland Veteran

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George served on HMS Superb as a Leading Seaman between 18th September, 1915 and 25th April, 1918.  More details can be seen on the Imperial War Museum site who kindly posted these photos on line. To go to the site please click on the button.

Battle of Jutland Veteran

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Petty Officer (Stoker) George Wheeler 4385

Info from Jamie Lashmar who is the great grandson. 

He says

"I understand my great grandfather served on the Superb during WW1 He was a stoker and petty officer. His Service Number was 4385".


If you have any info on George his grandson would be happy to hear from you.

Ribboned Medals Left to Right

1914-1915 Star  - British War Medal 1914-1920 - WW1 Victory Medal 

Battle of Jutland Veteran

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Mk VII Guns.

Mk VII Guns.

HMS Superb

HMS Superb

passing through the swing bridge at Elswick Shipyard after her launch on 6 November, 1907

Superb guns

Superb guns





The British fleet which was first going up the Dardanelles. Flagship HMS Superb, HMS Temeraire, HMS Lord Nelson, HMS Agamemnon





HMS Superb

HMS Superb

1907 with awning rigged aft. .

HMS Superb

HMS Superb

July 1946



The British fleet which was first going up the Dardanelles. Flagship HMS Superb, HMS Temeraire, HMS Lord Nelson, HMS Agamemnon.

Dreadnoughts From the deck of H M S Superb showing heavier vessels in the Home Fleet during manoeuvres

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Children wearing sailor’s hats from the HMS Superb photographed in St. Croix, at the turn of the 20th century. 


Thanks to All Posters for putting this on line 1897-1912

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Sultan Mehmed VI leaving the HMS Superb, at anchor in the Bosphorus, Constantinople, Turkey circa 1916



Thanks to All Posters for putting this on line

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HMS Superb in the River Tyne circa 1909

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Boxing Matches on the Superb circa 1917. Thanks to Ipernity for posting these on line



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This photo was found on line and is of the Gatling-gun crew and shore party in HMS Superb at Tel–el-Kebir, 1882. The sailors are armed with Martini-Henry rifles and cutlass bayonets


Thanks to Nick Of Time Marketing UK

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Photo apparently showing both RMLI and RMA aboard HMS Superb.


Written on the slate are the words 'THE BANANA BALANCERS  HMS Superb Battle ???' What's the story behind that?


Note : Research in Eric Partridge's dictionary of Slang & Unconventional English describes "Banana Balancers" as an Officer's Steward or Wardroom Waiter. So these gentlemen may not be Royal Marines although they have been described as such. 


Thanks to the Gentleman's Military Interest Club where this and more photos can be found at

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King George V on the bridge, HMS  Courageous in the distance. c. 1918

Members of the crew around 1918

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Ship's Bell found & Photographed by Mark Watkins

Ship's Bell.Titled.jpg
Hanging on the wall of the Manor House in the village of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire
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census 1881

SOME OF THE Members of the crew 10 1881

25 NVYRG11_5636_5641-0814.jpg

Just one page from our Census records of 1881

We also have records for the census of 1911


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Archibald Savage
Archibald Savage.jpg

Archibald was a Divisional Carpenter on board between April 1891 and September 1894.

He signed on for 10 years aged 18 in 1883 as a tradesman carpenter.

Archie's great grandson, Paul, would like to know if anyone has knowledge of the ship's movements around the time Archie was on board.

If you can help please contact the website by clicking on this link.

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