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Précis of activities of the 8th Superb 1955 - 1956

Anchor 11


Ships movements 1955 - 1956

Captain The Earl Cairns





1 March        Ammunitioning at Folly Point

3                  Embarked freight and passengers for Malta

4                  1600 Sailed


5                  Portland

6                  Plymouth


12 March      Received order to make for Cyprus

                    Arrived Malta disembarked passengers & re-fuelled


                    Suez Canal

17 March  ?  Aden on a Sunday


                    Umm Said 2 days there




13 April        Colombo


15 June        Arrived Mombasa

25 June        Sailed

26 June        Arrived Zanzibar



                    Mombasa - re-fuelled

                    Seychelles {Port Victoria)




20 October sailed Trincomalee

Bahrein arrived


31 October sailed

- engaged in War exercises remained at anchor for 14 days


Sitra  arrived 15 November

12 December sailed


25 December at Bahrein



21 January  sailed

27 January Equator crossed

28 January Mombasa re-fuelled

30 January sailed

5 February Simonstown arrived

12 February sailed




3 March arrived Sheerness


4 March arrived Chatham


May Rehearsals in the Moray Firth


27 May  Review of Home Fleet by HRH Queen Elizabeth

Headed the flotilla


28 May Review of Home Fleet by HRH Queen Elizabeth

Royal party boarded


29 May saluted the Royal Barge



The ship steamed 42,600 miles

The personnel

Ate 474,000 lbs. of potatoes

Drank 2,115 gallons of rum

Received 38,124 messages on the Ship’s broadcast

Deposited £38,968 15s 2d in the P.O.S.B

Smoked 4,700,000 cigarettes

Baked 169,864 lbs. of bread

Licked 108,500 ice creams

Guzzled 80,000 “goffas”

Slapped on 3,100 gallons of paint

Ran 2½ miles of electric cable

Were paid £246,876   7s   7d

Cooked in 140º F in the galley for 3 days in Trinco

Dhobied in 30 tons of fresh water PER HEAD

Used 21,500 tons of fuel oil

Burned 4½ million units of electricity- enough to supply the

average house 600 years!







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