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Posts for 2011

Godfrey [Jeff] Dykes

By admin


October 12, 2011 – 12:41  


PMGodfrey [Jeff] Dykes Hello. I am doing research in R.N., Captains. The Captain of HMS Superb in 1949 was Scott-Moncrieff. Do any of your members know where I can get a photograph of this officer please.


Kind regards. Jeff RN 1953-1983




May 29, 2011 – 09:34 AM


Brian Skipper


Hi Peter kebble RM I served on the Superb 1956-1957.

I was on the Ordnance team. Mess No 18.


I can remember the Marines of Joe and Jim and the gig fellow Cpl Cox.I worked with Ordnance Articifer Tickner.


May 21, 2011 – 11:29 PM


Malcolm Milham only just found the old ship. good site lads.


Afraid Shorty Empson 52/54 passed away about 2 years ago.


Good to see photo of ‘Pash’ Baker, he was my run ashore oppo in Boston 


John Watts (Baron)


By admin

March 12, 2011 – 05:50 PM


Steph Yaguer


Hello! My Dad was a Royal Marine on HMS Superb from 1947 to 1950. Does anyone have any memories of John Watts (Baron’)?


Many thanks!

Pete Clampin


By admin


March 09, 2011 – 06:55


PMPhil Grimson Will any shipmates who knew Pete ClampinLSA(S) on the ’53 cruise email me please, especially Charlie Poole CPO(S

Ted Davy


By admin


March 07, 2011 – 01:00 AM


Ted Davy Was Torpedo Officer’s Writer, first commission Dec 1945 to Dec 1947

Edward ‘Ted’ Kempster


By adminJanuary 29, 2011 – 04:46


PMColin Kempster


further to my earlier post I can confirm that my father Edward “ted” kempster was serving on superb.


He was in mess 10 and was at St Johns Newfoundlans circa Aug 18 1953.

Phil Grimson


By admin


January 13, 2011 – 08:01 AM


Phil Grimson I’ve just clicked on Vasilii and it looks like they’re selling a good line in tanks and other weaons of mass destuction. Somebody ought to let them know that the old Superbee is now probably housing sardines in tomato sauce or might even be in their tanks or projjies.

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